“In the city both mirrors and window glass produce deceptive palimpsests of images: in glass, forward-moving figures come from the opposite direction of their originals; the helix reverses in a mirror… Glass looks. Surfaces become alive with images and traces of images, losing their trustworthy solidity.”

Isobel Armstrong, Victorian Glassworlds (2008), 8.


“Perceptual illusion of nonmediation”

The phrase “perceptual illusion of nonmediation” was first presented as a definition of “presence” in a 1997 article in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. Temple University scholars Matthew Lombard and Theresa Ditton, who specialize in the study of media and communications proposed this phrase to simplify the many definitions of… Read more →


Video Format Theory

Given the diversification of artworks and artistic practice in electronic, networked environments, alternative terms such as ‘end of art’ postmodern,… Read more →